Welcome to the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance

Our goal is to build a politically active Mormon environmentalism, committed to the preservation of the natural world and to the socially just distribution of resources.  Toward this goal, MESA is organizing a yearly conference to address the need for all of us who live in affluence to simplify our lives, lowering our ‘footprint’ on the planet, and calling upon nations to restrain endless growth.  Why?  Come to the free  “Live More with Less” Conference on October 3rd at UVU’s (Utah Valley University) Science Auditorium, Room 134 between 1:30- 6:30 pm.  You’ll enjoy renowned authors/speakers and see inspiring exhibits. Check out conference details at www.livemorewithless.org and register to attend.  We need ALL to supportPhoto-Live-More-with-Less-Logo-300x143 this conference, and we ask you to help with a small donation.  Thank you!


A healthy planet = healthy families

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Find us on facebook at   https://www.facebook.com/MormonEnvionrmentalStewardship

“Not to own the earth, but to tend it” —watch Mormon channel video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGxYvos1DMw