Our Priorities

The environmental challenges we face locally and globally are growing in both intensity and impact. There is great power in what we do individually, and in our families, neighborhoods and wards. But societies and systems must also be aligned to facilitate individual choices and better collective outcomes. Based on the doctrines that we find in scripture, and statements of past and present Church leaders, MESA is directing our efforts toward ten key environmental stewardship and conservation opportunities, challenges and threats that we find closely aligned with our beliefs and values.

Climate Change

The growing climate crisis disproportionately impacts the poor, whom we are commanded to care for and serve.

Air Quality

There is nothing more fundamental to life than the air we breathe, and we must keep this most precious resource clean and pure to sustain life.

Disaster Recovery & Resiliency

While Church humanitarian aid helps those impacted by natural disasters, we can help mitigate human caused environmental catastrophes.

Farm Preservation & Food Security

The Word of Wisdom directs us to consume fresh, healthy food, which is unattainable in many parts of the world.

Environmental Justice

Christ says all are alike unto Him, yet the environmental degradation and impacts of societies largely harm the poor and disenfranchised.

Public Lands Preservation & Conservation

The beauty of the earth inspires us, and some special and sacred places are worthy of preservation and protection.

Sustainable Community Development & Beautification

The pioneer history of the Church is filled with city building endeavors, which we can continue today.

Recycling, Waste & Litter Reduction

Greed and consumerism drive our enormous waste streams, which often make the earth ugly and offend God.

Water Quality & Conservation

Water is essential to life, and also carries deep spiritual symbolism. We must use it wisely and keep it pure.

Wildlife & Habitat Preservation

Every life has a spirit and is precious to God, and we are accountable for how we treat the animals that share our earth.