MESA’s petition to the Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality

As God’s earthly stewards we must protect His gift of divine creation! Support Clean Air!

by Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance

Tell the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) you support clean air standards. Heavenly Father has made us accountable for protecting and preserving our earthly home for future generations. But rising smog levels brought on by irresponsible energy development are putting the health of our families at risk.

Fortunately, the DEQ is taking steps to modernize oversight of the oil and gas industry in order to reduce harmful air pollution. These actions can improve the quality of life for all God’s children. Especially if the DEQ makes these sensible improvements:

  • Require companies to check ALL well sites and other facilities for harmful pollutants at least twice a year
  • Apply commonsense pollution standards to ALL hydrocarbons – methane AND Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Require companies to report harmful gas leaks to the authorities

The Earth is our life-support system. To foul the air, poison the waters, disrupt the climate system or wantonly destroy other species and ecosystems is to desecrate Heavenly Father’s wondrous creation and bring harm to our bodies — the temples of our soul. Please join us in telling the Department that Utahns support clean air standards that ensure we are acting as responsible stewards of our earthly home.

–Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance (“MESA”)